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ISBN 9783832732615

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Editora:  KONEMANN

Idioma: INGLES

Dimensões (LxA): 25 32 cm 

Páginas: 208

Encadernação: ENCADERNADO

Ano de Edição: 2015




Every once in a while a design firm charts a course that is truly memorable, a direction that turns heads, and makes an impact. Dutch designers and the husband-and-wife team of des Bouvrie are one such iconoclastic force. Their design approach for interiors and exteriors, both residential and commercial, is risk-taking, thought-provoking, and always forward-looking, creating a self-contained universe of modernity where bold and noteworthy art plays a significant role. Now, this stunning volume showcases highlights of their body of work to date. Their style is cerebral, with a sleek appeal that artfully interjects powerful jolts of solid color to create dramatic and original statements. Coolly elegant and refined, their spaces are straightforward with no hint of obfuscation.